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We Call Your MLM Leads
Training Prices.

Call Training Prices

Our Last Calling Package Available

"Ultra Big Marketers II"
With this pack we place 39 fully Qualified Prospects into your business in 19 months or less.

These highly qualified and experienced network marketers are interviewed in great depth BEFORE they are placed with you. We do this so we know, and they know, that they will be ready to explode your business when they join!

This pack gives you a double dose of success. See, real experienced marketers know people and have warm markets of other marketers. This means each one we place for you can be worth 6 to 50 more people brought into your biz-opt. 
WOW! is right.
All 39 experienced and qualified marketers will be placed in your biz-opt within 19 months or your money back. 
FOLKS, If you're not making a 6 figure residual after this pack is done, then your business has the wrong comp plan, PERIOD!

Package cost is $6,999.00

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